Heather Sworin, your UCP candidate for Edmonton-Mill Woods

After graduating from the University of Alberta, Heather helped with the start up of a video game development studio in Edmonton that her husband and good friend founded. They have now been in business for 6 years and have over 10 employees.
Since the early 2000’s, Heather has volunteered in conservative politics in the riding of Mill Woods and later on campus, advocating for grassroots and transparency in governance. On campus, she was a member, and eventually VP Fundraising and President, of the University of Alberta Conservative Association. In 2012, she interned in Ottawa for the office of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Hon. Jason Kenney), and in 2013, for the office of the Minister of Alberta Education (Hon. Jeff Johnson). Heather has volunteered for conservative election campaigns in the riding (Hon. Tim Uppal and Hon. Mike Lake) and has attended numerous provincial and national conservative conventions as an elected delegate for Mill Woods. She currently volunteers as the secretary and the policy and constitution chair for the Mill Woods federal conservative association.